Google Extends Length of Titles and Descriptions

Major Change To Serps Results

Google has made a significant update to its search engine reuslts pages or SERPS by lengthening the titles and descriptions, as reported by Jennifer Slegg at the SEM Post and Ross Hudgens on Twitter. However, Google could quite easily reverse this at any time!

Google SERPS Update Titles and Description Lengthened

So, what are the changes: Title tags have been increased to 70ā€“71 characters, which is up from its previous 50ā€“60 characters. In your google Search Results meta descriptions have been increased by 100 characters per line, up from 160 to potentially 278 characters for those extended from two to three lines.

What Does This Mean? Well, it allows you to craft a good offer to help increase your conversions.

How Google Chooses Titles For Search Results?

Below is a video by Matt Cutts where he discusses the criteria that Google uses dispaly titles it shows in the SERPs depending on the query.

Is Your Website Showing Up in Google When Your Customers are Searching for You?

When your customers/clients or more importantly, your potential customers/clients are searching for your services or products, do you appear on the first page of Google for that search? If not, you are loosing money and sales to your competitors! If you would like to improve your businesses search engine rankings contact Blue Square Management today on 01689 602 248 or email us.

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