Ecommerce Eye Candy — Last Minute Black Friday Tips

When it comes to retail, it is hard to overstate the value of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Your team has been working for months to be sure you are set up for success this holiday season. But just like that nagging feeling you get when you leave for a trip — Did I remember my charger? Is the stove on? Where’s Kevin? — you want to be sure you have covered all your bases before the big day arrives.



This post from HubSpot details seven last minute Black Friday tips to prepare your website. Their tips run the gamut, especially looking at whether your site can stand up to the notorious Black Friday traffic. Author Jeffrey Vocell says, “One of the big concerns for marketers and respective IT folks around this time is a surge in traffic. Many websites can see multiple-times the traffic that is standard during other times of the year, and it all happens over the course of a few days.”

Read the whole article to see HubSpot’s last minute recommendations for how best to manage your site traffic, your site speed, your site security, your return policy or other consumer information, promotions and site SEO for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Of course, your work doesn’t end when your customers place their orders. Be sure your ecommerce marketing remains on track through the rest of the year with HubSpot’s handy Ecommerce Holiday Marketing Calendar 2015. If you’re selling physical products, for instance, they provide this helpful list of shipping deadlines, reproduced below.

shipping calendar ecommerce marketing
Source: HubSpot Ecommerce Holiday Marketing Calendar 2015

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