Google Hummingbird : Google’s New Search Engine Algorithm Released

Better Search With Google Hummingbird

New Google Hummingbird Search Engine Algorithm

New Google Hummingbird Search Engine Algorithm

Not only is Google 15 years old but Google has also announced it’s new search engine algorithm, “Hummingbird” yesterday, although it was released about a month ago.

At a special PR event yesterday, held at the garage where Google was born, they announced that a new search engine algorithm – “Hummingbird” – was gone live.

Google, however, did not reveal anything about the technology behind the new Hummingbird algorithm. Nothing new there then! But they did say that Hummingbird “makes results more useful and relevant, especially when you ask Google long, complex questions.”

Why did Google called it Hummingbird?

Google has said the name comes from being “precise and fast.”

Google in particular said ”Hummingbird pays more attention to each word in the query, ensuring the whole query is taken into account – so if a resulting page is a bit less strong in general, but it’s the most relevant to your search terms, that’s the result you’ll get.” A Google spokesperson went onto to say “and if there are plenty of relevant matches to your search terms, Hummingbird does a better job picking the strongest page for you.”

The aim of Google Hummingbird is for pages that match the meaning do better, instead of pages just matching a few words. We shall see!

Google posted more information here.

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