Video Marketing For Business : Getting Your Business Noticed on YouTube

Use YouTube Marketing To Promote Your Business

YouTube Marketing For BusinessYouTube provides your local business a chance to get before the eyeballs of millions of people all across the globe, a much more powerful marketing tool than you could possibly imagine. But how does a small business owner hit it big on YouTube, especially when the most popular videos seemed to be rather outlandish such as talking bobble heads?

Here are some key ingredients to getting your video noticed on YouTube:

Choose the right keywords.

To help your business video get found in YouTube’s search engines results, you will want to use keywords that filter through the millions of viewers to target the small number of specific people your business niche reaches. Using longtail keywords will yield highly targeted viewers. For example it is better to use the keywords “estate agent Bromley” instead of “estate agent”.

Put a quirky twist to your message

This is where most businesses get their video marketing messed up because they don’t understand that YouTube has a strong entertainment factor and that’s what attracts viewers. No matter what you’re selling you must have an amusing twist that engrosses people attention, even if you’re selling something as mundane as industrial equipment. And that’s when the viral power of YouTube will skyrocket your views.

Create a YouTube channel

This becomes like your own TV station where all your uploaded videos get stored and where viewers can join as subscribers. Your subscribers are like your fans and followers whom you can interact with and who will spread the word around about your business.

Network amongst the YouTube community

You can get your business noticed in the hallways of the YouTube community by contributing comments on other people’s videos, sharing with others within groups related to your niche or creating a group if one doesn’t exist yet. Soon you will become a go-to authority in your field that will boost your local business’s presence on the site.

Check out Blue Square Management’s YouTube Channel to watch videos that will help promote your business.

Paul Birkett
Paul Birkett, SEO for Small Business, helping your business increase leads, sales and grow your business.
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