Social Media Marketing : The Secret To Growing Your Business

Arrow made of peopleThere must be some reason why some small businesses outperform others. Let’s pretend for just a minute that you own a small café in a part of town that is just about two streets off the beaten path. Lunchtime crowds could be a lot bigger! You’ve noticed that your competition, who has higher prices and worse All Day English Breakfast than you, and who is a whopping four streets the beaten path of the lunch time warriors has a steady stream of customers. Why? Stop wringing your hands. You’re about to find out.

Social Media Marketing: What It Can Do For You

Social media marketing translates to success. A successful social media marketing campaign can take your little bistro from barely making payroll to a booming success. It can move you from the back lot to the spotlight.

“But” you might say, “I’m a bistro. How can social media marketing do all that for me? You people are crazy! I have soup to make. See ya later!”
As astonishing as this might seem, and as offbeat as some of the most successful social media marketing campaigns are, they work. Stick with me, soupy sales, here’s why!

Social media marketing gives you the power to reach out to your customers any time of night or day.

Let’s say it’s 10 a.m. Bored office workers everywhere are looking forward to lunch. In fact, they’re asking each other: “What do you think, where should we go for lunch?” They check their Twitter and Facebook feeds to see what their friends are up to, and then, magic happens. They spot your Tweet or your Facebook status.

Their eyes light up, and they start to salivate. “Dude, let’s go to Soupy Sales! He’s got that awesome ALL Day English Breakfast for lunch. Perfect weather for it. Man, he’s on Facebook…we better get there before it’s gone!”

At 11:30, you start getting busy. At 1 pm, you’re completely out of soup, salad, bread, soda, and those cookies you thought might sell well. And, best of all, you’ve convinced your customers that they should not pass up the opportunity to have lunch with you, because you’re just so popular.

While this is an admittedly simplified explanation of what social media marketing can do for you, it’s definitely food for thought. Whether you sell soup or landscaping services, you need to get in the game and stay in the game with social media marketing. So, find an expert, start a campaign, and watch your business grow faster than you ever thought possible.

Need Help With Your Social Media Marketing?

If your business needs help in setting up Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc or other aspects of your social media marketing, call Blue Square Management today on 01689 602 248 or email us for further information.

Paul Birkett
Paul Birkett, SEO for Small Business, helping your business increase leads, sales and grow your business.
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